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    Among the most known and traditional villages of Pelion Vizitsa. A conservation village which has all the elements that compose the genuine Pelion landscape.

    Beautifully clean footpaths starting from the village lead through wonderful natural landscapes in neighboring villages and beaches. There is a path that leads to the Apple trees, the train station and a very beautiful route starts from the church of the Life Giving Spring, crosses the picturesque neighborhood Argireika and flows into the sea near the seaside village Kala Nera.

    A stroll in the streets transports the visitor to another era. The restored mansions, traditional Pelion houses, stone fountains and lush vegetation within the village make a perfect backdrop for holidays all year round. The village square with its tall trees, steals the show. Many of the churches in the village are truly monuments.

    The Visitsa knows intense tourist development, with many traditional guesthouses, small hotels and rooms to let, and has very good taverns and restaurants with traditional Pelion cuisine, cafes and bars.

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