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The train of Pelion
The train of Pelion, the legendary "Moutzouris" was element of culture and development and strongly marked the history of the place.With the development of the road network of the area the train lost its former glory with climax of the decline of the August 1, 1971 where he made his last journey.Today, "Moutzouris" takes the hill for the villages of Pelion with 25 km. time, through a magical path,
Pelion Ski Centre
One of the oldest ski resorts in our country, the Pelion Ski Centre was created in 1967 by the Greek Mountaineering Club of Volos. The ski resort is very popular and busy during the winter season.Besides skiing you can try other winter activities that can be undertaken here including mountain artillery ski. The Pelion Ski Center is the only ski resort in the world that is so close to the sea. It is
Βeaches of Pelio
Koropi BeachThe buffet is the largest beach in Pelion, close to the village KOROPI. Particularly beautiful beach with very clear water, ideal for small children because of the shallow sea and sandy seabed.Beach KastriBeach in East Pelion with fine sand and a little gravel in front of the campsite Kastri Beach which has a restaurant and cafe bar. It is approximately 10 minutes from the village of Platanias.
Worry Museum in Portaria
In Worry Museum in Portaria will find numerous strings of beads of various materials, many of which you can buy. There is also laboratory plans beads, begleria, key rings and jewelry.SOURCE:
Folk Art and History of Pelion
The Folk Art and History Museum is located in Pelion Makrinitsa housed in a traditional building of 1844. It is a three-storey, stone-built, with strong fortress character, with battlements and defensive turret on the roof, armored door and secret caches. The museum building was designated landmark in 1985 and fully restored in 1994.The exhibits more than 1500 and including a series of murals folk
Ceramic Pottery Museum "Anetopoulos"
The Anetopoulos ceramic pottery museum is located just outside of Ano Lechonia in the road towards Kala Nera and it is one of the most important sights in the area. The museum has three rooms, where all the exhibits are displayed, amonng them, family casts and folk pottery from Greece collected by one of the grandsons of V.Anetopoulos.  Visit the museum to learn interesting facts regarding pottery,
Digital & Miniature Museum
An innovative museum in the Mouresi municipality housed at the building of Achilopouleios Commercial School, in the district of Agia Paraskevi, Tsagarada, founded in 1903 by Sofocles Achilopoulos.In the museum, which is new, the visitor has the opportunity to admire a large collection of folk art exhibits in digital interactive three-dimensional shape and various physical exhibits in miniature form.
Tsagarada Plane Tree
Plane trees dominate Pelion squares, beneath these century old trees. However, one plane tree steals the show from the rest. A living monument of nature, a tree that captivates anyone that comes across it. That tree is no other from the giant plane that is located in Agia Paraskevi square in Tsagarada.Its truck diameter is 14 meters wide while the branch opening cannot properly calculated, however
Theofilos Museum
The Theofilos museum is among the greatest attractions in Pelion. Ιn 1962 the ministry of culture, in order to protect it, it announced it as a “historical preserved monument” and bought in 1965 to repair it and operate it as a public space. In its present form, it is a three floor stone mansion with wooden roof covered, which kept in excellent conditionThe painting themes of these exceptional
Panagia Portarea Chapel
The monastery of Panagia Portarea is one of the most important religious monuments of Portaria as the area was named after it. It was built over the first half of 13th century and around it, the first settlement begun to develop.Τhe murals date back to 1581 while the wood carved iconostasis was constructed in the early 18th century. Looking the chapel from outside, we certainly travel back into
School Of Argalasti "Parthenagogeion"
One of the most famous places in Pelion, with highly developed intellectual activity in the past, is the school of Argalasti “Parthenagogeion”, situated in the popular village of South Pelion. The building of the school, donated by Theodore D. Giorgatzis, is in short distance from the village square and was built in the late 19th century. The school operated as a three-seater and its students were
Velentzas Bakery
Velentzas bakery is a historical monument preserved by the ministry of Culture located in Alli Meria. Here the visitor will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent murals painted by the great folk artist Theofilos Chatzimichail. Theofilos, painted nine murals, eight on the interior and one in the building's front and are preserved in perfect condition until today. In these murals, various
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