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    Milies, one of the most picturesque villages of the mountain of the Centaurs, starting point of the famous "Moutzouri" the little train that goes through a beautiful drive up the Upper Lechonia.

    The main square is the meeting point for locals and visitors, with large trees to give shade to those who choose to drink coffee or eat in traditional tavernas-cafes. Perimeter there are many important buildings such as the Church of the Archangels, the Library, the Folklore Museum and the Evdoxeio Cultural Center.

     Scattered in the village are the fountains, many of them covered to protect from rain. From the square starts the old cobbled streets leading to the neighborhoods of Milies

    Milies have a strong tourism development offers many accommodation and entertainment options. Hotels, inns, taverns with local cuisine, cafes and bars are available to guests of the village.

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