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    Hania is a magical place in winter and summer. The colors change every season and there are many who believe that it is a place blessed. They are passing the eastern Pelion overlooking the city of Volos in the western part of facing the Aegean Sea.

    In the old days was the respite station and refueling of merchants and travelers, who found accommodation in Chania, from where came the name of the village.

    Hania is a small village in one of the highest points of Pelion. They are built at an altitude of 1,200 meters, surrounded by forests of beech, fir and chestnut.

    Nowadays still enchant and thrill for visitors, since it is an oasis in the summer and a winter shelter. Mostly are famous ski resort with the Agriolefkes, located only 2 km away at an altitude of 1,529 m.

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