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    Afissos is a lovely summer as well as winter resort about 25 km from Volos, on the foot of the Southern side of Mount Pelion by the sea. It is amphitheatrically built amidst olive groves, it is well organized with tourist facilities but it has retained all its traditional charm. The village’s white houses are located on the mountain slope and view the Pagasetic Gulf . This way the entire village is surrounded by olive trees and stretches all the way down to the sea. Its traditional architecture has its roots in the beginning of the previous century, and many of the mansions of that period still stand today.

    In ancient times, the village was known for the outstanding quality of its water and according to legend Afissos was where Jason and the Argonauts stopped for water, before continuing their journey to Colhida.

    In Afissos you can enjoy a fabulous sunset, as you watch the sun slowly slide down and lose itself in the horizon of the Pagasetic Gulf. Visitors can try local specialties at the various fish taverns, “tavernas” and restaurants, or enjoy their drink or coffee at the bars and cafés

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