Nature Seminars

As a volunteer member of the Greek Thessaloniki Rescue Team I had the opportunity to be trained and to extend my knowledge of rescue in outdoor activities.

The dominant nature in my everyday scedule led me to the observation and the need to discover the multifarious secrets through the rich flora of the Greek land.

The knowledge that I have gained by attending the American Farm School of Thessaloniki have been valuable allies in my new professional venture.

From 2014 I started with the Organic cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, later followed their standardization and other related products.

Soon came the first cells full of bees to take their place on the slopes of Pelion.

The mount of Centaurs has charmed me and continues to charmes me for 20 years, so in 2015 I chose as my permanent residence the country village of South Pelion Lafkos.

The idea of Nature Seminars embraced from the beginning and with the help of my valuable partner we have the pleasure to share experiences, knowledge and everything richly Peleus the earth gives us.

Lafkos Pelion Magnesia Greece

Phone: 6949193152